NeuroTrac PelviTone

Neurotrac PelvitoneStrengthen your Pelvic Floor Muscles with the NeuroTrac Pelvitone.

The NeuroTrac Pelvitone is an advanced pelvic floor exerciser that has been developed by a physician to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor. With a healthy pelvic floor you can eliminate pelvic problems and incontinence. The Pelvitone exercises your pelvic floor by performing the squeeze & release exercises automatically for you. It features 11 built in continence programmes and 3 custom programmes that will allow you to regain control and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

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The PelviTone Exerciser is an advanced and modern digital dual channel STIM unit featuring 11 built in continence programmes and 3 custom programmes. The PelviTone Exerciser unit will help with a wide variety of continence problems and is widely used by therapists around the world. If you suffer from any type of continence problem, the PelviTone will be able to help.

What are the Benefits?

  • Promotes continence
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Maintains or improves range of movement
  • Reduces pain

Product Description

The NeuroTrac Pelvitone is a dual channel device combining several treatment programmes into one unit. Amongst the various pelvic toners on the market, the PelviTone is one that offers maximum functionality. PelviTone is amongst a new modern breed of Neuromuscular Stimulation units (STIM) and is increasingly prescribed by therapists and doctors as a treatment to help incontinence and to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

There is a better medical understanding of the mechanisms which exist between nerves and muscles that allows us to stimulate the neuromuscular system with precise electrical signals. The PelviTone offers precision and reassurance, giving you full control of Pulse Widths, Rates, Ramp up times and Work / Rest cycles.

Advocated by specialists worldwide, the NeuroTrac PelviTone can be used in the comfort of your own home, its discreet size and portability allows you to watch TV or read a book whilst your PelviTone does all the hard work for you! Extremely efficient in promoting continence, it can also be used by any woman who simply wishes to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles. These essential muscles may become weak after pregnancy, during and after menopause and are vital for control over bowel and bladder movements.

The stigma attached to incontinence has certainly shifted in the last few years; pelvic floor exercisers were even featured recently on the Channel 4 TV programme Embarrassing Bodies, which is a positive sign that society is no longer ‘ashamed’ or ’embarrassed’ about raising the issue. So you don’t have to be either!

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Only £94.04* From StressNoMore
RRP: £98.99 You Save £4.95

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All About the NeuroTrac PelviTone

PelviTone comes with 11 pre-set programmes to help a range of problems, from pelvic floor pain and stress incontinence, to lack of sensitivity. The device also comes with three completely user customisable programmes which allows you to create your own workout for your individual needs.

The PelviTone VeriProbe

Each device comes equipped with a smooth, small probe for vaginal insertion. It has two plates of stainless steel electrodes which generate safe and comfortable levels of electrical stimulation throughout your workout, providing effective results. Although to some it may look intimidating, the VeriProbe is extremely easy and comfortable to insert. We recommend you use lubricant, such as KE Gel to ensure maximum comfort.

KE Exercise Gel and HiGenie Antibacterial Cleanser are all available at

Product Specifications

  • Dual Channel
  • 11 Pre-set programmes
  • 3 Customisable programmes
  • Ability to lock the unit
  • Recordable “time in use” and “average” of the current programme
  • Selectable time duration 1 to 90 minutes
  • Low battery indicator
  • Weight: 0.18kg with battery
  • Physical dimensions: 134 x 69 x 29.7 mm
  • Probe dimensions: 3.5″ x 1″
  • Power: 1 x 9V battery included
  • Convenient belt clip

With every PelviTone you receive

  • One PelviTone unit
  • VeriProbe for vaginal insertion
  • 1 Battery
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual
  • Hard Carry Case
FREE Delivery

Only £94.04* From StressNoMore
RRP: £98.99 You Save £4.95

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